Participation in the CCR RELECTRA return system offers numerous advantages:

  • Almost 15 years of experience in the operation of compliance schemes:

Our compliance scheme for portable batteries, CCR REBAT, has been in operation since 1998. We have been handling electrical equipment since 2006.

We have implemented an ongoing monitoring process for the applicable laws and are in regular contact with the appropriate national authorities. Our customers benefit from our experience and superior knowledge.


  • High service levels:

CCR RELECTRA’s customers are served by an in-house customer service team. The hotline is available all day on weekdays.

You can also report volumes conveniently using our de-central CCR NET RELECTRA IT system. We consolidate and prepare the data received so that it can be submitted to the relevant authorities in a timely manner.

Proof of submission is also made available centrally and archived using this system.


  • International operations:

Like the majority of our customers, we operate internationally. Together with our subsidiaries, we offer the CCR RELECTRA system in a large number of European countries.

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You can also benefit from additional services provided by our group companies


Return system for portable batteries: REBAT is a compliance scheme for used portable batteries.
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RLG Recare offers solutions for the return of electrical and electronic equipment during the product life cycle. It offers after-sales services such as return management, repair services, extended guarantees and much more.
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