Frequently asked questions

Which devices are subject to reporting and return responsibilities?

1. Large domestic appliances:
cooling devices, air conditioning systems, oil radiators
other large domestic devices (private and commercial use)


2. Small domestic devices:
small domestic devices for use in private households.


3. IT and telecommunications equipment:
personal information and data processing equipment;
personal equipment for printing and the transmission of printed material;
personal telecommunications equipment;
mobile telephones;
data-viewing devices;
cameras (photo).


4. Home entertainment equipment:
other home entertainment equipment (with the exception of TVs).


5. Lighting equipment:
fluorescent light bulbs that can be used in private households;
other lighting equipment or devices for the dispersal of light or control of lighting that can be used in private households.


6. Electrical and electronic tools:
electrical and electronic tools for use in private households.


7. Toys and sports and leisure equipment:
toys for use in private households;
sports and leisure equipment for use in private households.


8. Medical products:
medical products for use in private households.


9. Monitoring and control equipment;
monitoring and control equipment for use in private households.


10. Vending and dispensing machines.
vending and dispensing machines for use in private households.


An exception is made for electrical and electronic devices used to ensure the security of the Federal Republic of Germany or that are used specifically for military reasons.


Who is considered to be a manufacturer as defined by the Sale, Return and Environmentally Sound Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG)?

A manufacturer is a commercial company that meets one of the following definitions, regardless of the sales channel used, including long-distance communications:


1.  It manufactures electrical and electronic devices under its own brand name and brings them to market for the first time.

2.  It sells devices produced by others under its own brand name, whereby the reseller is not to be considered the manufacturer if the brand name of the manufacturer as defined in point 1 appears on the device.

3. It exports electrical or electronic devices to other EU member states for the first time and sells them directly to a consumer.


Retailers include anyone who sells new electrical or electronic devices to consumers commercially.


The manufacturer is the company responsible for the initial commercial sale of electrical devices in Germany, regardless of the way in which they are sold.


What responsibilities do manufacturers of electrical devices have?

Responsibilities of those bringing electrical devices into circulation:

  • Establishment of a joint location (Sec. 6 ElektroG)
  • Registration (Sec. 6 ElektroG)
  • Finance guarantee (Sec. 6 ElektroG)

Collection, return, handling and recycling responsibilities:

  • Separate collection (Sec. 9 ElektroG)
  • Responsibility of the manufacturer to return equipment (Sec. 7 ElektroG)
  • Recycling (Sec. 12 ElektroG)
  • Responsibility of the manufacturer to notify and provide information (Sec. 7 ElektroG)


Which tasks does CCR RELECTRA handle?

The CCR RELECTRA return system takes on all the responsibilities listed for manufacturers and importers and also provides information about changes to the law.


How many used devices must be collected and documented?

The following collection quotas currently apply (as a proportion of the total volume of equipment brought into circulation)

until 2016: 4 kg per resident per year

from 2016: 45% of the weight of devices brought into circulation

from 2019: 65% of the weight of devices brought into circulation